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Digisys 3D Scanner

Digisys brings the latest 3D scanners in the international market for the convenience of its customers.

A 3D scanner is a system based on mechanical and electronic equipment and computer hardware and software that analyzes a real-world object, collects data on its shape and appearance, and creates a digitally storable replica in acceptable computer file format. This allows the 3D object to be further analyzed or replicated through systems like 3D printing or 3D software modeling without damaging the original real-life object or environment.

3D scanners are not only used to scan the shapes of static or fixed objects that do not change their shapes, but are also used to digitize the shapes or forms of dynamic objects that change their shapes over time.

New 3D scanners come equipped with multiple SLR cameras and allow rapid CADscan of objects. They collect both shape, form, and color data and create an identical digital mesh that can be viewed on a computer monitor. The latest 3D scanners also provide facilities to observe real-time visualization of data being captured by the scanner.

Digisys promoted best 3D scanners come with turntable mode, Hi-resolution monitors, powerful cameras and sensors with high quality lenses providing aspheric options and provide extremely flexible and cost-effective solutions for 3D spatial structure capture and reconstruction.

In contrast to CMMs or coordinate measuring machines, the 3D scanner has minimal or no-contact with the object being scanned, and is thus prized for accuracy of 3D mesh reproduction, speed, and safety of valuable objects.