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Digization services

Document Management Simplified.

Paperless Offices. Easy Retrieval. Save on Time and Money.

Recent findings by an international consulting firm suggest that employees spend around four hours a day trying to locate information trapped in papers and files. Given this situation, one can well imagine the immense loss in productivity for any organization. Most information is stored in paper files which accumulate over the years. When one needs to retrieve the data from these files, the process is a long-drawn and cumbersome one.

Digitization is the process by which physical data or records in textual or image format are converted to digital formats to facilitate ease of storage and better accessibility. Given the importance of data accessibility for any business to operate effectively, digitization of data assumes a critical role today.

While you could surely take care of all your scanning requirements by employing the same resources as we at Digisys do, we would still invite you to visit us and see for yourself how you can save vast amounts of money and a whole lot of headache by opting for our expert and quality-guaranteed digitization services. We also leverage the latest OCR technology to ensure quick and smart search results from your digitized documents.

Digisys plays a vital role in reducing your operating costs and increasing profitability.

Our digitization capabilities: We employ sophisticated and state of the art capabilities to churn out the most comprehensive range of digitization products and services.

We offer: High quality electronic documents that can be searched, edited, re-formatted, re-used, re-purposed, indexed and organized as per your business needs.

Digitization services: Our extremely competent digitization services include:

OCR Conversion Services
XML/HTML/SGML Conversion
eBook Conversion
ePub Conversion
Mobi Conversion
hPub html Conversion
Large Format Scanning (A0/A3/A2)
Book Scanning
CAD Scanning
Microfilm Scanning

The Digitization Process (we need to present this illustration in a different manner)

Let's take a walk through the entire digitization process:

Receive input data from client
Mutually finalize project requirements along with specifications and other details
Documents divided in batches and sent for scanning
Put through quality checks against predefined standards
In case of errors or unacceptable quality, the documents are sent for rescanning
If the images meet quality standards, then the scanned images are put through a process of image enhancement, cropping, resizing and black border removal
The output is then sent for Indexing
The indexed files are then put thought a quality check once again
If any errors are found, the indexed files are sent for error correction
If the files are error free they are sent for final audit
The final audit ensures an accuracy level of 99.9%.
The final files are sent to client in the necessary format.

Why Digitize

Digitization helps you save on space.
Digital data is easy to store.
You get much clearer reproductions of the original photographs without any degradation in quality of the original.
It is easy to search and retrieve information from digital data.
Digitization offers increased and easy accessibility from multi-locations by a number of people
Accessing digital documents saves you time and enhances productivity.
Digitization helps you repair damaged photos and treasured family heirlooms.

Why Digisys Infotech is the Best Option for all Your Digitization Needs

Sophisticated infrastructure: modern digital imaging equipments, scanners, and servers
Highly skilled workforce
Extensive Experience in handling major and complex digitization projects
In-depth understanding of international digitization trends and standards
Accuracy and quality guaranteed
Most competitive rates in the industry
24*7 services and committed to meeting tight deadlines
Excellent customer service personnel who are sensitive to your business requirements
Extremely sensitive to protecting confidentiality of client data

See why businesses the world over trust Digisys for high quality, cost-effective and time-bound digitization services.