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Interactive White Board - IWB

An Interactive Whiteboard is a large interactive display that connects to a computer and projector. When connected, the IWB becomes a hugely magnified touch-sensitive version of your computer screen.

The whiteboard establishes a connect with the computer and audience since the user can add to or modify the content that is displayed on the board, using a special pen. No need of the mouse or keyboard. All actions that you would perform on your computer can now be done through the interactive whiteboard. So whether it's a power point presentation for your audience or discussions on the web, the IWB helps you perform every action on the whiteboard itself. The interactive whiteboard uses exclusive software which helps users actively interact with images and text displayed on the whiteboard.

The Digisys Interactive Whiteboard promises to take classroom engagement to the next level, promoting a whole new approach to learning. The IWB features a widescreen interactive whiteboard; an ultra short-throw projector and a flexi pen or stylus which can be used in combination with fingers with exceptional ease. The IWB's intuitive multi-touch capabilities can create magic in any classroom. This powerful and high-end interactive whiteboard enables students and teachers to work together on their lessons, offering truly collaborative learning opportunities.

Digisys Interactive Whiteboards for Education

Interactive whiteboards and projectors are increasingly gaining popularity among educators. Their potential to engage audiences and promote collaborative learning are primarily responsible for the enthusiasm they have been able to generate. The Digisys Interactive Whiteboards enable teachers to impart existing and new lessons in interesting and innovative ways. The interactive features of a whiteboard are great attractions for new age students inclined to new learning technologies.

Interactive whiteboards offer the simplicity of a whiteboard with the power of a computer. With the Digisys IWB teachers and students can now:

View content created on computers on the whiteboard with the help of a digital projector.
Create/ edit content or make notes together on the whiteboard itself with a stylus or their fingers.
Save all the work onto your computers and forward it to all.
Record audio notes.

Find out why millions of students and teachers the world over use Digisys Interactive Whiteboards for better learning outcomes.

Digisys Interactive Whiteboards for Business

Businesses are increasingly turning to interactive whiteboards to empower their training programs and make them more participative. The Digisys Interactive Whiteboards have also gained wide acceptance among corporate executives for use in presentations and demonstrations. The hi-tech interactive whiteboards from Digisys ensure that any business presentation you make has your audience totally engaged. Here is what the Digisys IWBs offer:

Make boardroom and conference discussions and training sessions more interactive, participative and effective.
Product demonstrations and presentations can be more creatively and easily executed with audio and video support.
Sharing and capturing of information, recording diverse views and distributing meeting notes is greatly simplified.
It's simpler to markup documents and other content for later reference.
Brainstorm and illustrate ideas with handwritten notes and diagrams

Join the host of corporate heads who prefer to use Digisys Interactive Whiteboards to empower business meetings and conferences.

Promotes collaborative learning.
Makes available a host of teaching resources at the touch of a screen.
Helps students focus more on the lesson.
Use of multimedia and audio visual content makes learning more interactive and thereby interesting and memorable.
Classroom management is made easier and feedback is more varied and effective.