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Digisys OMR Scanners

A Digisys distributed Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) scanner is the perfect solution for examination boards, market research companies, survey companies, and any organization or institution engaged in taking multiple-choice tests on paper. It is a high speed data capture and input system that uses sensor lights for detecting marks on paper survey forms and tests.

Our OMR scanners have a high number of sensors on their read heads, to detect marks on paper, fast and accurately. They provide one of the most convenient methods to score a huge number of tests done on paper and for electronically filing the data.

IBM created the first basic OMR sensor in the 1930s. It was Everett Franklin Lindquist who first built and obtained a patent on a working OMR scanner. Then, IBM developed an OMR scanner for test-scoring purposes and started selling OMR scanners from 1962. From then on, the technology has kept on being perfected over the last half century to become reliable and relied upon.

OMR scanners distributed by Digisys can process between one thousand to ten thousand sheets of paper within an hour. Advanced OMR scanner models can be configured to read either one or both sides of a paper at a single go. OMR scanners, also termed as OMR sheet readers or OMR solutions form one of the most effective methods of processing exam or survey data with the least human intervention.

Which OMR Scanner is provided by Digisys?

Currently, Digisys distributes the NANHAO OMR which is widely used by educational organizations and other organizations which require people to tick and fill forms on paper that are made up of multiple-choice options.

What OMR Scanners are not

OMR scanners are not optical character readers in the sense that they are not used to decipher large amounts of handwritten responses. The OMR scanner technology depends upon identifying and processing character marks in set fields according to OMR forms fed into the system.

Who uses OMR scanners

OMR scanners are primarily used by examination boards, survey companies, human resources departments, tax companies, census, and other large scale operations where respondents provide their reporting on against multiple choice options.

If you have any question about OMR scanners and whether they are sufficient to handle your test reports or survey data format – contact Digisys and our consultants would be glad to help you.