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Best Selling Projectors Sold By The Name You Can Trust - Digisys

Thinking Of Buying A Projector But Don't Know Which One To Choose : Leave It To Digisys.

It is a company with a proven track-record, a name you can trust. Digisys markets and sells all types of projectors, including home theater projectors, business projectors and education projectors.

The projector world is multi-dimensional, incorporating an extensive array of technologies and projectors of various sizes, shapes and competencies. We at Digisys clarify the differences between projector types, and help you pick a model that's best for you.

Buying a Projector
Projectors are an effective presentation appliance for educational purposes, for businesses and for community and social groups to effectively get their messages across. There are two types of projectors, Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) and Digital Light Processing (DLP). Identifying your purpose and intended use, the location and the size of the audience, will help you in choosing the right one.

Make the Right Buying Decision
Tell us what your primary use is. Projectors are used for many purposes. From video games, to watching movies and making business or educational presentations, there is normally one feature that you require more than the others – identify it for us to help us ascertain which projector is the right one for you. It will help, if you tell us where the projector is going to be used. Is it a large venue, a conference room, classrooms and if you will need to be carrying it various different locations, in which case portability will also come into our decision making mix.

What Is Meant By A Projector's Throw Distance and Why Is It So Important?
A projector's throw distance principally alludes to the span and distance between the projector's lens and the projection screen. If the projector's lens is stretched beyond their capacity the projected images can become out of focus.

What is a short throw projector?
A short throw projector is explicitly designed to project larger images when there is only a very small distance between the projector and the projection screen.

Why are short throw projectors beneficial?
There are many advantages of using a short throw projector, the prime one being that it provides flexibility to users when placing projectors in a small room since a short throw projector can project a large image from a short distance. They are ideally suited for smaller sized classrooms, residences that had limitations of space, conference rooms, commercial stands and exhibition booths and small home theatres. Moreover, short throw projectors help eradicate any eyestrain as the light shining from the projector does not shine into the presenter's eyes.

Why are throw projector distance important?
A projector's throw distance is vital in determining what size projection screen to use and how far from the projector to place it. By measuring the throw distance you can determine the positional adjustments needed to accommodate a predetermined projection screen size or projector placement. If the projector and the screen cannot be, owing to space constraints cannot be placed too far apart then a short throw projector is needed, whereas if the projector has to be placed at the back of a big hall the projected image may appear unfocussed and blurred if a long throw lens is not installed.

The Projectors We Offer and Recommend

We recommend and offer most popular brands of projectors from Epson, Onida, and BenQ.
BenQ is an internationally renowned Taiwanese manufacturer of projectors. The company offers a great choice of projectors for home, business and schools. BenQ was the pioneer projector manufacturer to offer lens shift on medium and lower-priced projectors.
Epson is the undisputed numero uno projector manufacturer in the world and has a major share of the projector market across the world. They sell more home theater projectors, business projectors and education projectors than anyone else. We at Digisys have an impressive array of Epson projector models.
Onida has won the trust of millions of consumers with its high quality products. Moreover, being an Indian company it probably comprehends the needs of the Indian consumer better than other companies. This is one of their core strengths. Onida has, many a time, often been designated as brands. Digisys offers the latest Onida projectors with superior HD color, dynamic design, and the flexibility to adapt to even the most demanding installation locations.
Today, projectors are a mandatory requirement for most businesses and educational institutions. They have also become an integral component of home entertainment. However, these products continue to develop and advance with newer innovations and improvements, to deliver superior brightness, enhanced picture quality, refined features and more.

To Ascertain What Kind Of Projector Will Best Fit Your Explicit Needs, Visit Digisys.