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Software Development

We have exceptional developers who are masters of software programming and software like Java, C++, ASP, NET, PHP, Javascript, JQuery, Mobile JQuery, Visual Basic, and extremely proficient with programming on popular platforms both for web and the mobile web including Android and development for iOS.

Digisys helps customers in developing custom software applications and web applications for the digital age, including android and iOS applications and software programs for your knowledge management and retrieval needs.

The basis of all software development is the creation of intelligent architecture where data can be easily input into databases from where such data can be used to answer required queries and needs externally manifested in user acceptable formats.

We make the work easy for you by putting an army of programmers at your service who are proficient in:

System architectures based on Microsoft .NET, ASP, and PHP
Application servers including Microsoft Transaction Server, Message Queuing and WAMP
Webservers including Microsoft IIS, Netscape Enterprise, and Apache
Server languages including ASP and PHP
Programming languages including C, C++, Java, Visual Basic, C#
Scripting languages including Javascript and VB Script
Databases including MySQL and other SQL based databases
Frontend design tools like Adobe Flash, Photoshop, GIF Animator, Dreamweaver

Our programmers can help you from creating applications from scratch to improving, maintaining, or entirely migrating systems and schema from one architecture to another.

We also provide top-notch services in software testing, bug fixing, software maintenance, implementation of new features and continuous development support.

We provide you the economics of knowledge and scale to enhance your economics of time and productivity. Check us out.