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Solar Hybrid Air Conditioner

What is a Solar Hybrid Air Conditioner?

It is a unique revolutionary concept in the world of Air Conditioning where a hybrid solar air conditioner is driven by electricity with solar energy as an auxiliary power. It is environmental friendly and also cost-effective as it saves significantly on energy consumption costs.

What Sets It Apart From The Conventional Air Conditioner?

Conventional air conditioners consume too much power; users have to pay a heavy electricity bill.
solar hybrid air conditioner source their heat from the sunshine and are environmental friendly.
solar hybrid air conditioner achieve the same effects of traditional air-conditioner with less power consumption.
Solar energy is abundant and renewable. Nature's source is inexhaustible
Solar energy is more readily available than other renewable sources, like hydro and wind.
Environment Friendly Technology minimizes primary energy consumption that lead to lesser CO2 emissions and Global Warming.

How Do Solar Hybrid Air Conditioner Work?

The solar hybrid air conditioner system utilizes the sun as a heat source to assist the energy needed to drive the cooling process which in turn reduces the electrical consumption required to run the compressor.
The sun-sourced energy is compressed into high temperature and high pressure steam and sent to the condenser
In the condenser refrigerants cool exothermic into high-pressure liquid at room temperature
Solar energy and electrical power work complimenting each other in accordance with principles of fluid dynamics.
The compressor does cooling work as per need. Furthermore, the energy absorbed during the day time, can be stored in the absorbing device, allowing it to function even at night and on cloudy days when solar energy cannot be harnessed.
The heat absorbing devices in solar panel convert the heat, light and radiation energy of environment into useful energy.
The higher the temperature the more resourceful it's energy efficiency ratio.
Energy savings in summer, when air conditioners are most needed, will be higher, because temperatures go up and its efficiency increases.
In conventional electricity-powered air conditioners its reverse and costs increase substantially during summer.
The solar hybrid air conditioner can work as effectively in -15 degree Celsius temperatures as + 50 degree Celsius temperature with no decline in performance.
solar hybrid air conditioner work on a state-of-the-art multi-fan fold system, using high quality copper tube and compressor from such established companies as Mitsubishi and Toshiba.

Special Characteristics Of Digisys Solar Hybrid Air Conditioner

Sleek and stylish design makes a perfect blend of functionality and style
Attractive and elegant design that conform with interiors of homes and offices
Virtually noiseless. The design leads to lower noise and higher efficiency.
Wind Speed is as low as 27db
Reliable compressor and premium vacuum tubes from internationally renowned manufactures
Built with all inner and outer steel, structure and components
Four-fold heat exchanger and high-quality screw steel pipes and hydrophilic box
Simple easy to use, even for children and the elderly.
Easy to install and maintain. Any skilled AC technician can install and maintain the system.
Saves energy and power between 30 percent and 50 percent, leading to lower energy consumption bills
Offers more energy efficiency throughout the year, the hotter the temperature outside, the more energy efficient our solar air conditioners are on saving energy.
Intelligent defrosting and cold resistant technology
Heating facilities for winter at the discretion of the user
Multiple air purification technologies.
Intelligent dehumidification
Available in a variety of models and capacities from 1.00 ton to 4.00 ton to suit requirements and budgets
Operates at any outside temperature without shutting down. Works the same at -15 degree Celsius and +50 degree Celsius.