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Wireless Control: Anywhere, Everywhere

Digisys , through Its Wide Range Of Outstanding Products Has Redefined The Digital Revolution And Has A Very Satisfied Clientele That Consists Of Corporate Businesses, Government Institutions, Digitization IT Companies And The Education Sector All Over India.

Wireless Tablet Features

It gives you exceptional control over your PC or Laptop
It simulates a whiteboard experience from the palm of your hand.
It gives you the comfort to operate with no wires
Wireless convenience to control interactive whiteboards from anywhere in the classroom.
Excellent communication range of 50 feet.
It is light in weight and can be easily held
It easily controls the document camera when attached with it
It can draw on live images and can create lessons containing real objects and digital images.
Elmo wireless tablets are easy to set up and offer a wide range of convenient functions like stamping, insert image and text input.
Simpler user interface
Special pen for easy annotation
Tools for creating original teaching materials
Choice of six lesson backgrounds
Continuous operation time of approx 16 hours with full charge
Frees teachers to move about, so they can help individual students and manage the classroom more effectively.
When the wireless tablet is fully charged, it offers around 18 hours of operation time.

The Wireless Tablets work seamlessly with document cameras for a dynamic interactive learning experience. Thanks to the Digisys Wireless Tablet with Image Mate Accent Software, teachers can now annotate live images from a document camera to deliver more detailed instruction and achieve greater student participation.

The Wireless Tablet provides freedom of mobility. It is light in weight and connects wirelessly to the computer within the space of your classroom or conference room. With the tablet in hand, you can control applications, annotate over documents, and highlight important details from anywhere in the room. It is the ultimate teaching tool that will help you streamline your communication and teaching skills.

Digisys is the leading distributor and marketer of the ELMO brand of Wireless Tablets. ELMO, with eight decades of experience behind it, is the acknowledged masters and leading producers of document cameras and video surveillance cameras. ELMO's products are well recognized for reliability and quality performance. The company sells micro cameras, projectors and wireless tablets.

A Wireless Tablet Enables You To Control Your Lessons Or Presentations From Anywhere In The Room. Light Weight And Handy It Is Easy To Install And Simple To Operate.