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Book Scanner

With the growth in information technology, book and document scanners have become indispensable. Even as late as 2010 the total number of books available to humanity was estimated around 130 million, leaving out unknown manuscripts, text on other material than paper, and printed books coming into existence every day whose digitized version is unavailable.

While information technology allows human knowledge in books to be digitized, rapidly indexed and searched, the problems in book scanning faced by people engaged in the task is enormous, both due to sheer volumes, and due to old technology.

The new book scanners have changed book scanning to fast non-destructive processes

Before the introduction of the new types of book scanners, including high-speed cameras, book cradles, and non-destructive scanning, book scanners were viewed as labor-intensive equipment. Books were usually dissembled from their spine and had to be scanned page by page on flatbed scanners, then reassembled later on, leading to much damage.

However, in response to the situation, the industry has developed software run machines and robots to scan books without requiring their binding to be taken off. Improved imaging technologies now allow even a smartphone to be attached to a book scanner and scan scores of books within a day without damaging them.

With the new style of book scanners, currently being distributed in India by Digisys and others, the market now has non-destructive book scanners that automatically detect and adjust to the three dimensional shapes of pages required to be scanned. The advantage is that the scanning procedure and digitization of books and documents can be done very fast.

Highest image quality possible in book scanners

Digisys distributes book scanners well-known for careful digitization of priceless books and documents. These ultra-modern book scanners use overhead scanning methods with cameras and a book cradle designed to capture the images without damaging books or paper.

Digisys distributes products including BookDrive and Atiz and helps people scan books with the highest possible image quality and productivity. The new book scanning systems allow scanning up to a thousand pages in an hour – something that was impossible with traditional flatbed scanner technology.

Current Book Scanner Offers by Digisys

Digisys is currently a distributor of the following premium book scanners trusted across the globe:

The BookDrive Book Scanners: BookDrive Pro, BookDrive Mini, and BookDrive DIY BookDrive scanners are meant for heavy-duty book scanning carried out at high speed and superior image quality. BookDrive book scanners are non-destructive book scanners. All book scanners of the book drive series use the same technology with minor differences according to scale use and facilities. Common features include

Ultra-fast book scanning by flipping pages
Book cradle to hold the book in V shape
No requirement to flatten books or worry about page curvature
SLR cameras producing hi-definition images
Even lighting systems
True definition of right and left book pages
Outstanding OCR
Batch processing capabilities
Can scan between 700-1000 pages an hour


For product and technical specifications of specific BookDrive models including BookDrive Pro, BookDrive Mini and BookDrive DIY.