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Who we are ?

Digitization of any information makes it possible to rescue books from damaging, access easily or share with much ease. Through digitalization, the original book can remain in its original space, while the information in it can travel miles to reach people worldwide. To store data which is of much significant in nature and which is historically important is possible only through digitalization.

We cover the roadmap required towards reaching Digitization. Digitization in India has been significantly rising up and getting equivalent space in the international market. WHO WE ARE?
Unlike those other firms, we are new and use invaluable tools for making your old and torn records in fresh new spine of soft copies. Being in the industry for more than seven years, we understand the need

We cover the following range of products and services in the arena of digitization:

» Book Scanners » Microfilm Scanner » Projector » Digitization  
» 3D Scanner » OMR Scanner » Wireless tablet » Software Development Services  
» Document Scanner » Interactive White Board - IWB » Solar AC » Web Development Services  

We provide complete digitization support services where in images and texts can be digitalized using a scanner, to capture a text image and there by convert it to image file like bitman. OCR or an optical character recognition program analyses the text for the darker and lighter areas and thus identifies alphabets and numbers. They are then converted into ASCII code.

The plus points of digitalization is that books can e-be distributed with ease, reproduced and can be read with the help of screens. The file formats in which files are stored are PDF or Portable Document Format, TIFF or Tagged Image File Format and DjVu.